Autumn Wish List

Now that it’s finally October, I have no reservations about letting loose all of the autumnal love I’ve been hiding. Good-bye to the sticky humidity of summer, helloooo crisp fall air! Here are some ideas I’m hoping to make/ visit/ eat before the buzz of the holidays settle in.



How gorgeous is this chunky blanket? I’ve always been a fan of DIY projects, especially the type that keep my hands busy while I devour yet another season on Netflix. This particular one reminds me of scarves my roommates and I used to crochet in college. We went through quite a phase, crocheting during movies, while listening to lectures, in the car, and once in a restaurant (we were the really cool kids on campus, of course).


It wasn’t until recently that I developed a taste for cardamom. It seems to be so rarely used in traditional American recipes, it’s hard to come by! It’s a shame, since I firmly believe it’s one of the most underrated spices out there. Stolen from one of my favorite blogs, I’m quite excited to try out this recipe.


As the weather grows colder, this pour over set has grown more tempting. In additional to a beautiful design, I love thinking of a hot cup of coffee without all the clean up my beloved French Press requires. Does anyone else out there use an at home pour over? Any thoughts, on whether the easy clean up justify risking a quick brewing time (and potentially lighter cup of coffee)?


What my home currently smells like- it’s the perfect balance of warm spices without being sickly pumpkin sweet. Big thank you to the candle wizards at Anthro!



and then the recipes I’ll use to stay in the spirit even once my candle is gone.



Finally, it wouldn’t be fall without at least one trip to the orchard and/or the patch. This being the first year we’ve lived without a car, we’ll be quite reliant on wherever the trains may take us. However we’ve had some good luck so far, and the Metro North allows even big dogs without a crate, so perhaps Ollie will be able to come too!

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